Pining for the West

Library book sales. | March 24, 2009

On Saturday yet another withdrawn from the library book sale was held at the Adam Smith Theatre. I know that I shouldn’t moan about it, because I have bought plenty of very cheap books there over the years, but it still amazes me. Why do they do it? I used to work in a library on the west coast in the 1970’s when I was a young thing and our book budget was really tight. Every book was precious and there were certainly never any books which were surplus to requirement. The libraries then were very well used. We had about 1,000 books going out of the library on a daily basis and I suppose roughly the same coming in. The library in Kirkcaldy is barely used in comparison to then but the book budget must be enormous. It seems that they don’t have to worry about cut-backs. Council tax money is being squandered on a huge scale. They even give you free plastic and hessian bags to put your booty in. At a time when the same council has cut the budgets for schools to the bone and cut them again, it’s a complete mystery to me. Someone should look into the running of the libraries in Fife.


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