Pining for the West

Glasgow roses quilt | April 17, 2009


I appliqued the middle of the blue fleece material with circles of red fleece. The middle circle is a bit bigger than the others. I attached the circles by hand using black embroidery thread and a stem stitch. The design on the circles is inspired by the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Glasgow rose design. For some reason this photograph makes the roses look quite small. In reality the roses are a lot bigger and bolder. I added a second, larger backing of red fleece material and simply folded the edges over the blue then machined around the edge. I should probably have taken the trouble to mitre the corners – but you know how it is and that will be for the next one. As the corners ended up a bit fat and bulky I added nice shiny blue buttons to them to flatten them down. Well I’m quite pleased with it. The fleece material makes a nice lightweight quilt and it is lovely and soft so it is perfect for using as a play quilt for wee ones, easily washed and warm for little bottoms and knees.

I’ve managed to get a close up on the roses here now.



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