Pining for the West

Buttons, marbles and beads | May 8, 2009

I was inspired to write this post by Susan Beal at West Coast Crafty, a great blog.


When I was raking through my button tin the other week looking for buttons for my button bag, I was taken right back as usual to the many times that I’ve drizzled buttons through my fingers since childhood. I inherited my mum’s button tin and also some from my granny and mother-in-law. So quite a few of them are the very same ones that I played with as a wee girl. It’s a bit like walking down memory lane in the same way that a patchwork quilt can be as you remember the original garment which has been recycled. The big orange, flat buttons came off a really hideous candlewick dressing gown which my mum had in the 1960s. Both mum and dressing gown are long gone now.
I have two boys and they lost interest in buttons at a very early age, in fact I don’t recall them playing with them much at all.

They became far more engrossed with marbles – or jiggies as we call them. They grew out of them when they were aged about 10 or 11. When I asked Duncan why marbles were so much more interesting to boys he replied that boys are obviously going to like things that are ball shaped. Well, I’m saying nothing about that. I have custody of the marbles for the moment and as they are things of beauty I show them off in a glass topped jar. I think that things have to have a competitive element about them to hold boys interest for long.

It occurred to me that yet another of my collections is beads, which when you think about it are really a fab conglomeration of marbles and buttons. You can’t get much better than that. I wonder why I haven’t used beads much in my sewing? Watch this space.


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