Pining for the West

Ants | May 12, 2009

Yesterday I discovered that ants had invaded my greenhouse. A real nightmare for me as I have become quite phobic about them over the past few years. I’ve spared you the horror of a photograph of them. Why do they exist? For me they look every bit as evil as Polaris submarines – something else that I like to think we could well do without.

Anyway, I boiled up a couple of kettles of water and exterminated loads of them instantly, but they were still coming in to the greenhouse. Luckily I had one of those ant stop bait stations, unused from last summer, which seems to have dealt with the problem overnight. There was hardly any movement this morning. Fingers crossed that they never become immune to the stuff.

Mind you, the ants were just about the only living things in my greenhouse. Like last year it has been too cold for things to germinate before now so my tomato plants are really hardly more than seedlings at the moment. I’m optimistic though. We’ve had almost no warm weather for the past 2 summers. Surely we can’t have 3 years in a row like that

I dread to think what the ant situation would be like if we did have any decent weather. Freezing cold and bucket loads of rain certainly haven’t killed them off.


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