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Early Christmas – a bit of a rant | November 16, 2009

Christmas just seems to get earlier and earlier every year, but I was absolutely amazed to see that someone quite close to where I stay has already got their Christmas tree up.

What on earth are they thinking of? Children can often drive you up the wall by constantly asking you when they can put the tree up, it’s almost as bad as the ubiquitous – Are we nearly there yet? – when you go on a journey. However, I happen to know that the offending house has no children in it, only one woman inhabitant. So she has absolutely no excuse and she must just have something mentally wrong with her.

By the time we get to Christmas the tree will be swathed with dust; lovely.

It’s bad enough having it all kicking off in the shops in August, it goes on for so long that by the time we get to the middle of December I am heartily sick of the whole thing, in fact I am completely scunnered.

Then we have the god botherers who don’t seem to realise that the good old pagans got there long before them and the Christians just hi-jacked the pagan festival which was designed to get us all through the long, dark winter days without cutting our throats.

So this blog is having nothing to do with the C word for at least another month. It is a Christmas free zone.

Long live grumpiness.


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  1. Ho Ho Ho! That’s the spirit! The Druids did it better with their mid winter festival on what we call Christmas day. Yes, celebrate the light (we could do with some). Sick of C myself already, it’s becoming a grubby snowball that gathers momento from September onwards, and arrives on 25 December as a pool of dirty water.
    Yes, DOWN with this sort of thing!

    Comment by echostains — November 17, 2009 @ 2:28 pm

    • Bah humbug. Much prefer the Druids myself. I love your description of you know what. Are you just about giving up on Twitter, I might go on it but I’d probably be using a phone and I don’t even text. Trouble is you would be the only person I know doing it apart from family.

      Comment by piningforthewest — November 17, 2009 @ 8:43 pm

  2. Dear Humbug (or ghost of C past/future/never again….grrr)
    No, not giving up the ghost yet on Twitter. Don’t worry about hardly having any followers, I’ve only got about 3 genuine ones (of my vast legion of 5 lol!)
    You are only allowed so many characters, so its been a sort of discipline for me…not that I like to witter (there’s another of those words) on or anything. I’m following Stephen Fry, who is at least doing something every day and leads quite an exciting life. But as well as me, theres all sorts of celebs on there too. lol!
    Not been on long and I’ve tweeted 135 times! More bird seed needed,I’ve run out!

    Comment by echostains — November 17, 2009 @ 9:00 pm

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