Pining for the West

Some good news. | November 19, 2009

The firstborn son got the job that he really wanted yesterday. He will be starting as the website editor of a very old university soon. This has been a long time coming as he graduated over a year ago and there has been absolutely nothing coming up in the jobs market for graduates.

So, we are all thrilled to bits. I’m hoping that things are looking up for everybody else now as this recession is getting beyond a joke. It is so depressing, especially for young people who have spent years studying only to find nothing for them at the end of it all.

I wish that everyone who is arguing over how much student tuition fees should be would just remember that they got their education for free and they had student grants too.

The younger generation is going to have a hard enough time ahead of them what with paying for the mess that the irresponsible bankers have got us all into. And they probably won’t even have any sort of old age pension to look forward to at all.


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