Pining for the West

Scottish words Haver | December 18, 2009

As ever, there is some controversy over how this word is spelt. I have seen it written as haiver, however in The Proclaimers lyrics for I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) it is written as haver.

So, haver just means to talk nonsense or rubbish. It’s very useful if someone is being particularly stupid, annoying and long winded about something, then you can use just one word “Havers!” to deflate them and succinctly tell them what you think.

Or – What are you havering about now? gives the distinct impression that the speaker is ALWAYS talking rubbish.

When The Proclaimers released their single 500 miles, in America, it caused a bit of consternation as the Americans got it into their heads that havering was something rude so they were thinking about banning it. In Britain banning anything usually makes it an instant hit. Anyway, the Americans were reassured that the sky wouldn’t fall down if Craig and Charlie sang the word haver and it has been their biggest hit ever.


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